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American Data Supply carries a wide range of VDSL Modems and VDSL equipment solutions ranging from commercial to residential applications from several leading manufacturers including Telco Systems, Dlink and RAD.. Whether you are a carrier, ISP or reseller, call American Data Supply today and ask one of our engineering specialists for additional information in applying this leading technology for your specific needs. The EdgeLink VDSL System brings the simplicity and efficiency of Ethernet to legacy telephony infrastructures. Broadband applications and increasing Internet usage have created a bandwidth demand that supersedes the capabilities of analog transmission over telephone lines. Use of Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) technology enables existing telephony infrastructure to deliver broadband services. The EdgeLink VDSL System incorporates xDSL?s line of thought by combining Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL), which is the most robust xDSL technology, with 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet.

Therefore, remote office connectivity and high-bandwidth applications, such as live video on demand and fast Internet access, can now be implemented at minimal cost by using the wholesomeness of Ethernet with the economy of VDSL. EdgeLink VDSL System switches are fully manageable via SNMP, CLI, or the Web. The CLI complies with the de facto industry standard and enables administration via a well-known interface. Web management is made possible by utilizing embedded Java? based management technology. Secure management, a must for todayís networks, is supported by utilizing standards based SSH2 encryption and RADIUS Authentication.

The EdgeLink VDSL System is fully compatible with BiNOSCenter EMS that can be used to manage all BATM products from one central location. The EdgeLink VDSL System is comprised of VDSL concentrating switches and modules, splitters, modems, cables, infrastructure materials, and application specific software.

American Data Supply can also provide you engineering assistance to help design your network.

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Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line
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VDSL 10BaseS Network Termination Unit (NTU)

VDSL (Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line) is the most robust answer to the growing broadband access needs of consumers and businesses. Utilizing innovative 10BaseS technology over VDSL data can be transferred over the existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) at the rate of 10BaseX Ethernet (10 Mbps) for a distance of up to 1350 meters (4400 ft.). 10BaseS technology is fully compatible with Ethernet and therefore allows seamless transmission of TCP/IP over VDSL. Hence, high-speed Internet access and demanding multimedia and video converencing applications can become banal.
BATM’s integrated VDSL solution is based on advanced QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) technology whose fast and vigorous channel equalization and signal accquisition allow symmetrical bi-directional data transfer over the existing PSTN. The BATM VDSL solution’s is main components are the 10BaseS NT modem and the 10BaseS NT/LT 4 port modules for BATM Titan switches, and the 10BaseS POTS Splitter.



EdgeLink V24S® offers the simplicity and efficiency of Ethernet to legacy telephony infrastructures. EdgeLink V24S uses the fastest of the DSL technologies, 24 ports of 10 Mbps symmetrical VDSL (Very High Bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line). EdgeLink V24S combined with EdgeLink VTU10® offers the ideal solution for MTU/MDU (Multi-tenant, Multi-dwelling) applications for remote office connectivity and high-bandwidth applications, such as streaming video, video on demand and surveillance.

  • Compact, cost-effective, VDSL switching platform
  • Up to 24 ports of 10 Mbps symmetrical VDSL
  • Uses existing 2-wire copper facility
  • Compact – only 1.5 RU
  • Bandwidth configurable by user
  • Flexible uplink capabilities 10/100BaseT,
  • 100BaseFX, 1000BaseSX, LX

Multi-Tenant VDSL Solution

Housing Development Example

Part Number Description Distance Connector Price
BTI-V24S 24 port 10BaseS VDSL interface module, 10 Mbps FDX line termination (for normal operation) upto 1.35 km RJ45


BTI-1006 VDSL Modem RJ45 $395.00


Part Number Description Connector Distance
BTI-A4VDSL-LT 4 ports 10BaseS VDSL interface module, 10 Mbps FDX line termination (for normal operation) RJ-45 connector RJ-45 1.2 km
BTI-A4VDTX-LT 4 ports 10BaseS VDSL interface module + 4Port 10/100TX RJ-45 1.2 km




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