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American Data Supply Carries A Complete Line of VDSL Modems, T3 Multiplexers, Voice Over IP Switches, VOIP switches, OC-3 Terminal Multiplexers, Sonet Switches, DS-3 Swtches, VDSL Switches, Fixed Port IAD's, VOIP Gateways,Fiber To the Curb, Fiber To the Home Switches, Routing Switches, Distribution Hubs,Fiber Optic Switches, Optical Switches, Media Converters

American Data Supply IP Switch technology division offers your company a complete selection of MLPS swithces and Layer 3 Switches from OSP Networks, Telco Systems, TC Comm, Cisco , Extreme to offer you the latest in MPLS switches and IP switching technology. American Data Supply Carries a complete array of PMLS switches ot Layer 3 switches that offer you the latest IP switch technology at affordable and guarateed lowest pricing in the USA. Please call us at (866) 650-DATA and ask for out IP MPLS switching engineers to help you.

MPLS has its roots in Ipsilon's IP Switching, Cisco's Tag Switching, IBM's ARIS technology and a few other proposals to bring the sort of traffic engineering found in connection-oriented Asynchronous Transfer Mode and frame relay networks to connectionless IP networks.

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The idea is to steer IP traffic onto a variety of routes instead of the single one discovered by an interior gateway protocol such as Border Gateway Protocol, to avoid congestion or failures, or to enable a particular class of service or guaranteed service level. MPLS switches and routers affix labels to packets based on their destination, type-of-service parameters, Virtual Private Network membership or other criteria. As a packet traverses a network, other switches and routers build tables associating packets and routes with labels. The MPLS switches and routers - dubbed label switch routers - assign each packet a label that corresponds to a particular path through the network. All packets with the same label use the same path - a so-called label switched path (LSP). Because labels refer to paths and not endpoints, packets destined for the same endpoint can use a variety of LSPs to get there.

Opti-Core Layer 3 Switch-MPLS Switch OSP-OptiCore-400/800 are Layer 2/3 MPLS Switches.  The OptiCore 800 is an eight slot Carrier Class advance switch with full MPLS Layer/3  functionality, while the OptiCoe is a four slot unit. Both chassis when basically configured may supports fast redundancy via VRRP when in ring mode configuration. Unit provides 4/8 access slots for the inclusion various optical 10Gbp/s modules, plus 10/100/1000BaseT electrical and optical mixed modules. Port density varies from 1 to 16 10Gbp/s ports or 348 10/100/1000  electrical ports. Modules may be interchange to provide flexible port type distribution.Info
OPS Opti Edge 100 Opti- Edge Layer 3 Switch Series
OSP-Opti Access-Access 100 Optic- Edge- Layer 2 Switch and Layer 3 Switch Series
Xtreme VOIP Switches When there is a need for a carrier grade VOIP switch that is designed for Voice over IP gateway, the Matrix product line is available to provide expandability and high density per Rack unit. The Matrix Gateway provides up to 240 TDM to VOIP ports in a 2 rack units. The Matrix line is designed to meet the highest demands of the carrier, or termination facility, and enough versatility to be used for traffic origination on calling cards application. The Matrix Pre-Paid Solution provides TDM, SIP and H.323 voice over IP routing mechanism, destination load balancing, and destination mappings. The Matrix Pre-Paid Solution comes in a standard 2 RU. The Matrix line is designed to meet the highest demands of the carrier, or termination facility, and enough versatility to be used for traffic origination on calling cards application. The Matrix Pre-Paid Solution provides TDM, SIP and H.323 voice over IP routing mechanism, destination load balancing, and destination mappings. The Matrix Pre-Paid Solution comes in a standard 2 RU.The Matrix Pre-Paid Solution is recommended for Carrier resellers, Call Centers, Telco, CLEC, and corporate offices with Toll by pass need.

Extreme Alpine VOIP Switches VOIP Switch The award-winning Alpine 3800 chassis switches support the scalability, flexibility, security and management features required to build complete enterprise wide networks, including large campuses, branch offices, data centers and wiring closets. The Alpine 3800 series switches enable enterprise networks to adopt new technologies, such as wireless and Voice-over-IP (VoIP), by offering intelligent security and availability features to keep network convergence simple and manageable.


Telco Systems VOIP Switches The Access200 family is a diverse line of VoIP ATAs designed for service providers who need to deliver high-quality VoIP, video, and data (triple play) services to their residential and small office/home office (SOHO) using traditional analog telephones and fax machines.
The line offers a cost-efficient means for service providers to migrate their customers? traditional analog telephones and faxes onto IP-based networks.


 TELCO Edgelink OTM1000 OC-3 Terminal Multiplexer

EdgeLink OTM1000 is the first optical SONET edge solution that allows service providers to deliver traditional T1, T3, and Ethernet services over an OC-3 fiber feed via virtual concatenation (VC), without the wasted bandwidth found with traditional Packet over SONET (PoS) offerings

EdgeLink OTM1000 efficiently delivers voice and data over the last-mile. It optically transports an OC-3 to locations where copper cannot reach, where voice and data service delivery needs exceed T1 or T3.EdgeLink OTM1000 is ideal for connection to fiber spurs off a carrier’s SONET backbone ADM or in point-to point applications for extension of T1, T3, and Ethernet from a CO or POP

Key differentiators for EdgeLink OTM1000 in the SONET terminal multiplexer market are its flexibility and efficiency. It has the ability to VC two STS-1 payloads into a single payload that can carry a 100BaseT Ethernet (fast Ethernet) connection with a DS3 available for delivery or to be used with an M13 for T1 fan out. Other configurations include: 3 DS3s, 2 DS3s and 8 10BaseT Ethernet ports, 1 DS3 and 1 Fast Ethernet port,or 2 DS3s and 12 DS1s. The VC scheme uses maximum efficiency as opposed to wasting bandwidth by mapping a 100BaseT Ethernet connection to a single OC-3 155 Mbps, which is typical with packet over SONET (PoS).

Telco Systems Announces EdgeLink Ethernet Extension Kit For Delivering 10Mbps Ethernet Traffic Telco Systems’ EdgeLink OTM1000 Wins INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine’s Product of the Year Award Telco Systems Launches the Industry’s only Fixed-Port IAD Family with Dual T1 Supporting up to 48 POTS

EdgeGate™ CPE is the most efficient, flexible and powerful voice and data over IP device in its class. It supports various combinations of up to 4 analog voice lines and up to 8 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, including 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet uplinks. Using MGCP or H.323, EdgeGate CPE allows users to easily make calls through the IP network while simultaneously using the gateway as a high bandwidth enterprise network connection. Available in multiple configurations, EdgeGate CPE is ideal for Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) and Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) environments.

-Compact, cost-effective voice and data over IP
-Ideal IP integrated voice and data solution for Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) office or Small-Office, Home-Office (SOHO) environments
-Wide variety of transmission technologies offered – 100 Mbps Ethernet, 100/1000 Mbps and VDSL over singlemode, multimode or copper
-Supports full Layer 3 routing


EdgeLink V24S® offers the simplicity and efficiency of Ethernet to legacy telephony infrastructures. EdgeLink V24S uses the fastest of the DSL technologies, 24 ports of 10 Mbps symmetrical VDSL (Very High Bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line). EdgeLink V24S combined with EdgeLink VTU10® offers the ideal solution for MTU/MDU (Multi-tenant, Multi-dwelling) applications for remote office connectivity and high-bandwidth applications, such as streaming video, video on demand and surveillance.

These modular platforms offer service providers cost-effective high-speed IP, VDSL, and VoIP solutions. EdgeLinkT4 and EdgeLinkT5 are fully managed, non-blocking, IP platforms, with support for a variety of multi-port interface modules that accommodate VDSL, 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and VoIP services on copper or fiber facilities. Each EdgeLinkT5 supports up to 64 fast Ethernet ports or 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports with a variety of copper and fiber interfaces and as many as three EdgeLinkT5s can be directly stacked. The EdgeLinkT5 supports twice the number of interface modules as the EdgeLinkT4

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