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American Data Supply has in stock a complete Line of Innerduct accesories including Plastic Couplings, Plastic Couplers, Aluminum Couplers, External Couplers, and External Innerduct Couplers. The right hand/left hand reverse thread aluminum couplings are our most economical and versatile coupling for polyethylene innerduct. The couplings work equally well for smooth wall, corrugated, or ribbed type innerduct, and are made in all sizes of SDR and SIDR rated innerducts from 3/4" to 6". Thread-on couplings can be installed by hand or with one of manual or hydraulic powered coupling presses. The sharp buttress type threads withstand high pulling loads that meet or exceed the Bellcore tensile standard of 1000 lbs. Innerduct couplers as also known as innerduct couplings.

These couplings are machined with one degree of taper and have a long chamfered lead-in for straight, easy starting. The couplings incorporate a wide, six pitch thread angle which greatly reduces the number of revolutions necessary to install the couplings. These versatile couplings can be used in manholes, direct bury, aerial, or any application except where an air or water tight connection is required. Custom options, such as multiple colors per reel and Slit Duct, are also available.

E-Loc®couplings feature a strong PVC outer shell with a flexible elastomer inner sleeve.-More Info

The Double E-Loc® coupling was developed for joining both smooth and ribbed HDPE duct, specifically for pneumatic methods of cable placement.-More Info

PNA still manufactures the standby favorite left/right threaded aluminum couplings. They install easily with a pipe wrench, requiring no special tools or equipment.More Info


Machined from tool-grade aluminum, and easily installed with a pipe wrench. Insert duct in both ends of coupling and rotate coupling in direction of arrow. Ducts will be drawn into coupling from both ends at the same time.More Info

The exclusive DuctLok™ Compression Coupler Tool is used to install DuctLok™ Couplings which provide totally airtight and watertight joints that will not separate under normal installation. More Info


Condu- Grip Coouplings-More Info-


ProPull™ specialized end caps are offered in a variety of configurations including triplex, multi-step and flat end. More Info

ProPull™ specialized end caps are offered in a variety of configurations including triplex, multi-step and flat end-More Info


As a result of new fiber placement methods and technology, couplings for HDPE innerduct have become an increasingly important component in building today's vast fiberoptic networks. This website details Cabletec's current line of machined and molded couplings. Each of the products represents a user-tested solution to some problem related to connecting innerduct faster, easier and better.

We believe our current line and inventory of standard and specialty couplings is the largest, most carefully engineered, and most competitively priced of any domestic manufacturer. We manufacture couplings in a size range form ¾" to 6" in a wide variety of materials including aluminum, polyethylene, PVC and engineered type plastics. Our production and stocking program is tailored to provide next day delivery on most products.

Our computerized controlled threading equipment that our manufacturer uses gives us the flexibility to produce short runs or specialty couplings with the same efficiency as our standard products. The tempered 6061-T6 tube that we use for our aluminum couplings is extruded from custom dies to a machine-ready size. This eliminates waste of raw material, increases production output and allows us to maintain coupling walls that won't crush or deform.

In designing a coupling, we not only consider how easy it will start to thread an how much it will hold, but what its true in-place cost will be to the end user. The wide pitch thread we use in our reverse thread couplings, for example, allows the couplings to be threaded on with half the rotations in half the time as some competitive couplings. Design features like these save time and money at every connection.

This series of aluminum air tight couplings incorporates the same reliable, full circumference seal used in our barbed ring compression couplings. But unlike other one piece plastic or aluminum compression couplings that have to be installed with some type of coupling press, our multiple lead barbed ring coupling can be installed like any ordinary reverse thread coupling.

Instead of a coupling press, a special wide pitch, fast traveling thread is used to force the innerduct over the barbed ring seal. From a user's standpoint, the coupling would be installed exactly like any common reverse thread coupling except the installation time is shortened by as much as 75% over conventional couplings. Due to the wide pitch angle of the multiple lead thread, only 5 complete turns are required to install these couplings compared to 12 to 15 turns for conventional couplings. Another important feature of the coupling is that the outside diameters are small enough to allow these couplings to be pulled into primary ducts or through plow chutes.

These threaded couplings permit tensil loading as high as conventional reverse couplings and provide a positive reliable seal up to 280 lbs. psi. Being a machined product, these couplings can be sized for the exact outside diameter of any innerduct. The amount of interference designed into the fit of the coupling will accommodate the .012-.015 manufacturing tolerances allowed in the outside diameter of the innerduct.

American Data Supply will DROP-SHIP all your innerduct needs from one 250 coil to a several truckloads of 6" HDPE. Call us today for a competitive price and let us take care of all the logistics of delivering our product to your door.

American Data Supply is an active CCR registered supplier for the United States Government

Call Us Today At (866) FIBER-21(866) 342-3721

American Data Supply Guarantees "the Best Pricing On All Innerduct"

We offer offer a wide variety of HDPE accessories to meet the needs of your individual project. If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call. We have many" special order options in a variety products and styles."

Anodized Aluminum Couplers- Available in a variety of sizes!

Pricing Starts at $ 5.00 each for quantity purchases

Anodized aluminum reverse-threaded couplers
designed for use with any of the many innerduct
or PE conduit types.

- Air-tight for pressurized cable propulsion systems
- Reverse threaded
- Designed for smoothwall, ribbed, or corrugated duct

Compression Coupling:
Reround HDPE. Sizes 1 1/4" to 6"

High Compression Coupling:
Ideal for Blowing fiber or proofing duct. Sizes 1" to 2

Aluminum Couplings:
Reversed thread couplers. Sizes 3/4" to 4"

Installation Instructions:

  1. Use an innerduct cutting tool to cut the ends of the innerduct squarely. The cut at the end of the innerduct should be at a 90 degree angle to the innerduct wall.

  2. Shove both ends of the innerduct into the coupler so that the innerduct wall is as parallel as possible to the ridges on the outside wall of the coupler.

  3. Turn the coupler in the direction of the arrow on the coupler label using a strap wrench, vice grip, or similar tool.

  4. Tighten to 100~150 foot-pounds of torque

Plastic Removeable Couplings

Click image for more detail and description

Plastic Internal Couplings
Click image for more detail and description

Plastic External Couplings (2 Piece-Sleeved)
Click image for more detail and description


Barbed Ring Airtight Couplings

Click image for more detail and description

Barbed Ring Compression Couplings
Click image for more detail and description

External Thread-On Couplings
Click image for more detail and description

Tapered Universal Couplings
Click image for more detail and description

PE-PVC Transition Couplings
Click image for more detail and description

Stepped Couplings
Click image for more detail and description

Duct Plugs

Our duct plugs seal your conduit or innerduct from water, animals, debris or any other underground intrusion. Available in various sizes and models, duct plugs are designed for easy retrofitting and removal. Duct plugs help protect and seal occupied and unoccupied conduit and innerduct in an extensive range of applications.


Click For a Complete Listing of Commscope Outside Plant Duct

We can deliver a 500 Foot Reel of Innderduct to Most Locations In the United States For about $150.00 Per 500 Foot Coil

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"Contractor Installed the wrong duct & fiber needs to be installed this weekend?

"Your local distributor has no duct in stock or has the wrong duct and needs it right away?"

"You have everything, the fiber cable, testers, jacks, but the duct- and you need it right away?"- We specialize in Rapid- 24- 48 Hour Turnaround- Call us today at (866) 650-DATA

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View PDF White Paper On Cable Guide here

Cable Guide fabric innerduct that is equivalent to Maxcell allows you to place the maximum number of cables in any type of conduit network structure. By taking the shape of the cables placed within, Cable Guide allows you to utilize up to 80% of available duct space-Click For Complete Information About Cable Guide Fabric Innerduct.

HDPE Innerduct Specifications Call For Latest Pricing (866) FIBER-21

We can supply pricing on anyone of the product categories below for a complete specifications sheet on Commscope Products. Call first for pricing and availability.


HDPE Innerduct Specifications

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