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    WDM's- Wave Division Multiplexers- CWDM- SFP- MRV WDM- WDM-CWDMs- Course Wave Division Multiplexers

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    CWDM Gigabit GBIC Transceiver
    Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel

    American Data Supply carries a complete line of WDM, CDWM or Wave Division Multiplexers and Course Wave Division Multiplexers from several manufacturers including MRV Communications WDM, CWDM GBIC transceivers which provide the high speeds and physical compactness that today's networks require. Most important MRV's CWDM and WDM GBIC SFP's allow for complete deployment flexibility and inventory control that network administrators demand.

    Designed specifically for MRV's Optical Transport and WDM solutions, these CWDM GBICs are a perfect match for MRV Communications' Fiber Driver® pluggable media modules and chassis, and the OptiSwitch® line of routers and switches. Together, they can be used to create the ultimate in managed CWDM fiber optic networks

    .Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is a method of transmitting data from different sources over the same fiber optic link at the same time whereby each data channel is carried on its own unique wavelength. The result is a link with an aggregate bandwidth that increases with the number of wavelengths employed. In this way WDM technology can maximize the use of the fiber optic infrastructure that is available; what would normally require two or more fiber links instead requires only one. Pluggable interfaces are small, hot-swappable, managed port interface modules that provide physical layer (copper or fiber) signaling for data, voice, storage and video transport networks.

    SFP Pluggables started with GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter) modules, which allowed Gigabit Ethernet devices to provide a generic, modular interface to optical transceivers. This capability allowed optical transceivers of various distances (10km or 80km for example) to be plugged into a switch-card slot without changing the card. In the days before GBIC, Gigabit Ethernet switch vendors provided a blade of, say, 8 ports of Gigabit to the customer, with all the same type of optical interface (mostly multimode). When a customer needed a few ports of single-mode optics, they had only two choices:

    * Use a media converter, or
    * Buy a separate card for each type of optical interface

    Each of these options is expensive and wastes resources. The GBIC solution provided a mechanism of supplying a simple blade with GBIC slots, and allowing the customer to choose the optics for each slot individually.

    Fast forward by a few years, and GBIC has been 'upgraded' to SFP (Small Form Pluggable). SFP optical interfaces are less than ½ the size of GBIC interfaces, and the usage (protocols and applications) has dramatically expanded. Today, MRV Communications provides an astonishing variety of optical and copper interfaces using GBIC and SFP technology, and a wide array of systems to which these interfaces attach.

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