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Military Cables


Ruggedized Cables, Military Cables, Outdoor Tactical Cables and Broadcast Cables
300T and 350T series - tough and flexible

Chromatic Technologies offers 12 different configurations of outdoor tactical cables, military cables and broadcast cables in single (350T) and double-jacketed (300T) constructions. The ruggedized military cable and outdoor tactical cables are perfect for field communication links, inter-shelter communications, remote site control and communications, remote weapons control links. Their toughness and easy deployment makes them an excellent choice for video location cables. They handle IEEE 802.3 for 1000 Base SX/LX (1000 Mbps), 100 Base F (100 Mbps) and 10 Base F (10 Mbps); ATM 155 Mbps, 622 Mbps, 1.2/2.4 Gbps; Fibre Channel FC-PH (1062 Mbps) and FDDI (100 Mbps).

PE 39

PE 89

American Data Supply "WILL MEET OR BEAT ANY U.S. BASED PRICE" for copper telephone, fiber optic- or coax cable

To view a product bulletin for Duraflex tactical cables

Highly flexible, tight buffered construction
Water resistant, sunlight resistant outer jacket
Highly abrasion resistant polyurethane outer jacket
Compatible with most Military style multi-channel connectors
Designs extensively tested and used in the field by armed forces worldwide
Excellent for use in repeated deployment and retrieval applications

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