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An antivirus appliance that removes viruses at the network gateway. AVStripper scans all major protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP, News, IMAP and POP3. AVStripper installs in less than an hour with no proxy or firewall configuration. Antivirus technology is provided by partners McAfee, Panda Software, Sophos and Trend Micro.


AccessNow Express   
SiteStripper is a high throughput gateway site filtering appliance that prevents employees from accessing prohibited websites.

AccessNow VBN
Connects users to the Internet with no configuration necessary. Perfect for visitor networks such as hotels, airports and corporate conference rooms.

AccessNow Express
AccessNow EDU enables facilities with limited IT user support, schools, classrooms, universities, dormitory rooms, government agencies, libraries, multi-dwelling units (MTU), and military bases to offer instant high-speed Internet connections without requiring user configuration to connect to the local network or Internet.