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Opterna Rack Mount Fiber Optic Media Converters

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American Data Supply carries Opterna's entire line of fiber optic media converters including the 1100C fiber optic media converter line with ST, SC, MTRJ, and FJ connectors available for several years and is being used in a wide variety of applications in the industrial, educational, and military markets. These converters enable designers to configure a “fiber to the wall” application without the need to locate a fiber wall outlet near a power outlet. Power is supplied through a “Y” cable that enables the converter to draw power from the computer keyboard port. A version of the “Y” cable that enables the converter to be powered from a Sun Workstation keyboard port is also available.

“Our customers have told us they value the convenience of using copper-to-fiber media converters in their fiber networks, because all PC and workstation platforms with a 100BASE-TX port can be supported with one part number, without the need to install a NIC or driver software. The ‘Unplugged’ 100Mb/s converter further enhances the convenience of using Sun Conversion Technologies media converters,” explained Bret Matz, president of Sun Conversion Technologies- now called OPTERNA.

Sun Conversion Technologies (now called Opterna) is a leading supplier of ISO-certified, active and passive optical products for cost-effective, fiber-networking solutions. Sun Conversion Technologies's products include standalone and rack-mount media converters, desktop hubs and switches, network interface cards, optical transceivers and a full line of optical cable assemblies.

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Model 12000C
12-slot, Rack-mount Modular Converter System

The Model 12000C Modular Converter System offers you the ultimate in reliability, flexibility and affordability for copper-to-fiber solutions in the wiring closet. The 12-slot, 2-unit-high chassis fits perfectly in standard 19-inch racks and supports any combination of media, rate and mode converter cards. A wide assortment of 10Mb/s media converter, 100Mb/s media converter, and 10/100Mb/s rate converter cards are available with multimode or single-mode fiber ports, as well as single-mode-to-multimode converter cards.Single-mode supported distances range from 20km to 90km. Also available is the 12000CMS, enabling web-based management for the 12000C system.


10BASE-T to FL, 100BASE-TX to FX and 100BASE-TX to SX
for distances up to 2 Km.
100BASE-TX to SM and SM to MM for extended distances of 20-30 Km, 50-60 Km and 80-90 Km; speeds up to
ATM OC-3 (155 Mbps)
Dimensions: 19" x 11" x 3.5"
Shipping weight: 8.3 lbs.
Dual power supplies
SC, ST or MT-RJ connections
SC connector standard on long-distance converter cards
Highly reliable and flexible modular design
Converter cards are hot-swappable
Protects investments in network electronics
Transparently supports half or full-duplex
Optional web-based management SC, ST or MT-RJ connections
Long-distance converter cards extend LANs,connects LANs,WANs and SANs

Model 1210C
12-slot, 10BASE-T to FL, Rack-mount Media Converter

The Model 1210C 10Mbps media converter represents an economic breakthrough in copper-to-fiber media conversion for Ethernet networks. Twelve 10BASE-T to FL converter cards are housed in a space-saving, 1-unit-high chassis, affording you high-density media conversion for demanding wiring closet applications.


Dimensions: 19" x 7.6" x 1.75"
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.
ST or MT-RJ fiber connections
Allows separation of fiber electronics from changing network electronics
Highly reliable; low maintenance; no configuration needed
Link-status management
Supports half or full duplex
Can be used with existing hubs and switches
All UTP connectors are RJ-45 type.

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